Stream: Spirit People's Debut Album "Dragoons"

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Ever wish Built to Spill would take a bunch of hallucinogens, hit record and release whatever happens? Us too. 'Til then, try this: New York City's Spirit People and their debut album Dragoons. At heart, it's classic indie-rock pleasure fare but digging deeper yields more challenging song structures than your run-of-the-mill two-guitar set. Sure, songs like "Lil' Dawgs" and "Sammy" riff on a summery pop thing but tracks like "All of Us Can Hear" and "Leave Me Be" feature free-form jazz rhythms that help them strut along, sometimes surrounded by an array of haunting, flickering electronics.

"The experimentation kind of buries the pop," guitarist Henry Schiller tells Hive. "You might have to dig through the songs a little to get to all the pop and folk parts but they’re there."

Stream Dragoons below, which is available now at Bandcamp.

Dragoons by Spirit People