Hive Five: Genres Ripe for Rediscovery

Hive Five: Our daily listicle of musical musings.

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In recent years, indie artists have revived surf music, girl-group pop, '90s alternative and, in the case of Destroyer and Ariel Pink, Steely Dan-style dad-rock. Here are five other genres we feel are ripe for rediscovery.

1. Freestyle

Even the best Crystal Castles songs have nothing on Shannon's "Let the Music Play."

2. New Jack Swing

For a moment there, no one was more punk rock than Bobby Brown. Plus, everyone looks good in single-strap overalls.

3. Acid jazz

It would save us the trouble of getting into real jazz or LSD.

4. Eurodance

We kind of feel like rollerblading again.

5. Rap-metal

There's a lot of misplaced white middle-class rage, so it's either this or join the Tea Party.