Hive Five: Must-See Austin Bands at SXSW

Hive Five: Our daily listicle of musical musings.

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With a thousand-plus bands on the roster for SXSW 2011, it's easy to forget that the world’s “Live Music Capitol” offers plenty of homegrown talent. Here’s five Austin, Texas bands you should check out during the fest who aren’t the Black Angels.

1. Pink Nasty

Sarah Beck, frontwoman for Pink Nasty, describes her music as follows: "It's as if Julian Casablancas and Rivers Cuomo had a baby and guess what? It's a girl!" Would we call her Julie Riverblancas? Regardless, her songs drift from garage pop to punk pop, with Beck's reverb-drenched voice holding things down.

9PM, Wednesday, March 16th at Barbella.

2. Literature

These working-class Austinites are riding high on the release of their debut 7", Cincinnati. The songs are catchy, even if their only officially recorded music exists in just 6 minutes.

8PM, Friday, March 18th at Easy Tiger Patio.

3. Strange Boys

Fresh off the inaugural Bruise Cruise, the Strange Boys scored some positive attention for last year's Be Brave, a lazy, fuzzy homage to the ‘60s “Nuggets” set. They had us at fuzz.

10PM, Saturday, March 19th at Mohawk Patio.

4. Crooks

A four-piece country-rock outfit that likes things moody and traditional, as evidenced by their bassist, who dons an upright. Crooks are bleary-eyed, regretful western music. In other words, the best kind.

1AM, Wednesday, March 16th at the Velveeta Room.

5. Follow That Bird!

Muscular guitar rock never goes out of style, and the two-ladies-one-dude combo in Follow That Bird! have heavy endorsements -- Matador Records co-owner Gerard Cosloy declared them "one of the best bands in the country." Their full-length debut is due later this year.

7PM, Wednesday, March 16th, at Headhunters.