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A Nicki Minaj Feature Is Very, Very Valuable -- Just Look At The Numbers

Songs get listened to, on average, a lot more when Nicki is on them.

Nicki Minaj is a music titan: Her albums sell millions, her singles climb charts, her videos leave lasting cultural impact and her performances are awe-inducing.

And her guest appearances? They're as valuable as you may have guessed, according to a FiveThirtyEight analysis of Spotify streaming data from 2015.

They found that, with a Nicki feature, streams increase by an average of 172 as compared to songs from that artist that don't feature her. That tops Drake's effect (much of the article is comparing Nicki and Drake), which comes in at a 126 percent increase by the same metric.

Beyond that general measure, FiveThirtyEight also looked at an artist's top songs that feature a guest, and, even in those in the top 25 percent of popularity, Nicki's features end up 46 percent more streamed.

One of the report's theories for why Nicki has so much success in boosting streams, besides the obvious fact that she's Nicki Minaj: She's strategic about her guest spots, making sure they've got a chance to be a single and a smash (as opposed to, say, Drake hopping on an otherwise obscure Ramriddlz track for his "Sweeterman" remix).

Basically, we can take it back to the beginning here: Nicki Minaj is a music titan.