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Your Ultimate Guide To Meteor Showers, Rocket Launches And More In 2016

Happy stargazing!

In 2015, there's been some truly ~stellar~ space developments: We got to see a "Super Blood Moon" eclipse, the successful landing of SpaceX's Falcon 9, and got to (sort of) live our dreams when NASA announced it was looking for astronauts.

The end of this year is fast-approaching, but we know that space exploration never stops. There's so much to look forward to in 2016, and we promise it's going to be out of this world.

Here's your handy guide to some must-see space events happening in 2016. Feel free to share it liberally with fellow space nerds and aspiring astronauts.


SpaceX Dragon CRS-8 Launch

Date: January, day TBD

SpaceX Falcon 9, CRS 8 Launch

Date: January 3

Quatranids Meteor Shower

Date: January 3-4


United Launch Alliance Atlas V GPS IIF-12 Launch

Date: February 3


Total Solar Eclipse

Date: March 9

SpaceX Falcon 9, CRS 9 Launch

Date: March 21

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Date: March 23


Lyrids Meteor Shower

Date: April 22-23


Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower

Date: May 6-7

Transit of Mercury

Date: May 9

United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 Rocket, MUOS 5

Date: May 5


Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower

Date: July 28-29


Perseids Meteor Shower

Date: August 12-13


United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 Rocket, GOES-R

Date: September, day TBD

Annular Solar Eclipse

Date: September 1

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Date: September 16


Draconids Meteor Shower

Date: October 7

Orionids Meteor Shower

Date: October 21-22


Taurids Meteor Shower

Date: November 4-5


Ursids Meteor Shower

Date: December 21-22