Hinge's Latest Update Makes It Less Like Tinder, More Like OkCupid

Introducing Story Cards!

We're at least two months deep into cuffing season now. If you're still searching for someone to smooch on New Year's, Hinge might have the answer. For those not familiar with this dating app, it's basically a less anonymous version of Tinder. You can only match with people who are friends of friends, so you meet people who are in your expanded social circle.

Hinge dropped its latest update -- Story Cards -- on Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 22), and the new feature puts the app at a nice place between Tinder and dating websites like OkCupid. A Story Card, shown at the end of each day's queue, is a yes or no question the user answers by swiping right or left. The questions all pertain to life experiences like traveling to a foreign country or watching a particular TV show.


When you match with someone who shares the same experience as you -- in this case, attending Burning Man -- Hinge notifies both of you of this ~connection~. The goal is to find the least common thing that two people have in common, because it's easier to talk about something unique you're both interested in. (Fun fact: According to Hinge's research, people are most likely to bond over being suspended from school. ?)

"Everyone has started to look the same on dating apps. It’s hard to create a real connection based on generic profiles," Justin McLeod, Hinge's Founder and CEO, said in a press release. "​We believe great relationships start with finding common ground; whether it’s a mutual friend, an amazing trip or even an embarrassing memory. With Story Cards, Hinge surfaces life events that allow users to connect more deeply."


Hopefully Story Cards inspire you to start a conversation, which hopefully inspires you and your match to meet IRL, which hopefully inspires you two to start dating, which hopefully inspires you to live happily ever after. Or, y'know, not. But ya never know until you try, right?