'Challenge' Liaison: Did Cory Lead On Aneesa?

He says they were just flirting, but she saw things differently.

Cara. Robin. Trishelle. These are just a few “Challenge” competitors who’ve learned the hard way that messing with Aneesa is an error in judgment, and it looks like Cory has officially been added to the list.

On tonight’s “Bloodlines” episode, Aneesa and Cory continued to flirt, a seemingly innocent act that ultimately amounted to some funny business on the couch and Cory’s admission that: “I’m in this house with you. I’m most attracted to you. I want to kiss you.”

And Aneesa, who’s typically kept her feelings to herself across her long tenure in the game, was surprised by her own investment in the pair’s budding connection.

“All of this is kind of strange -- I’m kind of just going with it,” she said. “People know I never get involved on ‘Challenges,’ especially with a guy, so this is a whole different thing for me…I feel very comfortable with him, and I trust him.”

Welp, that trust soon proved to be a mistake on Aneesa’s part. When Cory’s cousin Mitch confronted Cory about his attraction to Aneesa and reminded him that his girlfriend probably wouldn’t be pleased with what she saw on TV, Cory denied any wrongdoing and immediately painted a portrait of Aneesa as misguided and overzealous.

“F*** this bullsh**,” he said. “Ain’t nobody stressin’ over these h***.”

Aneesa, who just so happened to hear the conversation from around the corner, was crestfallen. Soon, though, her pain manifested in aggression, and she offered Cory one very strong admonition.

“I demand respect,” she said, decrying what she saw as his hypocrisy. “Everything shows in this house. You’re not safe.”

Now, both Cory and Aneesa say they’re playing for themselves and their respective bloodlines, exclusively. But are they really done for good? And, if so, how and why did things suddenly get so hostile?

What do you think: Did Cory lead Aneesa on, and does she have reason to be pissed at his mockery of her? Or did she read too much into a little bit of innocuous flirting? Sound off, and be sure to see where this story goes on the next “Bloodlines” episode next Wednesday at 10/9c!