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Watch Drake Laugh His Ass Off After A Fan's Meek Mill's Insult


Based on the amount of attention the Drake versus Meek Mill feud got in 2015, it's only right that the year comes to a close with yet another chapter -- or, maybe, at this point, footnote -- in their saga.

Like we've seen many times since their battle erupted in July, this latest moment was stirred up by a fan, baiting one of the rappers. In the past, there was a fan holding up a Drake sign at a Meek show, with the Philly rapper laying into him verbally; and Drake fans chanting, "F--k Meek Mill" at an Aubrey show, with him cautioning not to worry because, "He's dead already."

And now, a fan at last night's Los Angeles Clippers versus Oklahoma City Thunder game in L.A.

"Drake! Drake! You ain't Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill!" he shouted.

Aubrey, naturally, just looked up and laughed. And laughed. And laughed a little more.