Remembering Stiles Stilinski's Most Emotional 'Teen Wolf' Moments

A teary Stiles can oftentimes be as common as a shirtless Scott.

If our hearts had strings, Monday night's "Teen Wolf" premiere would've tugged at them a LOT.

While Sheriff Stilinski lay in the grips of death — gee, thanks Theo — Stiles contemplated a future without his only family, his father. Essentially reliving his mother's death all over again, our Beacon Hills hero was a wreck while dealing with the distress of his ailing dad... without the support of his best friend, no less.

Luckily, his pop pulled through — but we're not exactly new to the world of emotional Stilinski; one Google image search of "Stiles crying" will return about a bazillion results. While we haaate to see anyone in pain, especially one of our "Teen Wolf" loves, we can't help but think Vulnerable Stiles is about as dead sexy as Void Stiles. Okay, Stiles would be hot while sitting on a toilet (don't judge us), but nevertheless, we wanted to take this opportunity to remember a few of his more sensitive scenes:

  • Risking his own life to save Scott

    Pre-Dread Doctors, there was Darach, an evil druid who drove Scott and his pack to near insanity, almost causing the Alpha to commit the unthinkable. Stiles risked his life to save his best friend's by stepping into a puddle of gasoline while Scott was threatening to go up in flames with a lit flare. "Scott, you're my brother," Stiles said, in the best bro-BFF speech in the history of ever. "So if we’re going to do this, then I think you’re just going to have to take me with you." Now that's loyalty.

  • Getting possessed by the Nogitsune

    Following the risky surrogate sacrifice, the former sidekick found himself vulnerable to possession and was quickly taken prisoner by the Nogitsune in the form of Void Stiles. The evil Japanese spirit triggered nightmarish hallucinations, resulting in Stiles practically blowing snot bubbles on a dank basement floor, "Saw"-style.

  • Almost losing his dad (the first time)

    Way back before Parrish was bringing dead bodies to the Nemeton, Jennifer-Darach chained a trio of parental units to the old tree stump — including Sheriff Stilinski — leading Stiles to have a near-panic attack. (Sensing a pattern here? The father-son duo definitely share an unbreakable bond.) After her efforts to calm him proved fruitless, Lydia did the next best thing — a smack on the lips! It was the "Teen Wolf" kiss heard 'round the world, otherwise known as the Stydia smooch.

  • Sleepwalking through the woods

    Let's just file Season 3 under "The Nogitsune Sucks & Poor Stiles Cries A Lot."

  • Having a horrible hallucination about his mom's death

    Remember when Lydia served wolfsbane-laced punch at her party during Season 2? Yeah, we blame Peter for that one. Anyway, Stiles hallucinated that his dad drunkenly blamed him for his mother's death. Heartbreaking and a half.

+ What was Stiles Stilinski scene moved you the most? Tell us in the comments and catch the next ep Tuesday at 9/8c! (But let's just hope Stiles doesn't cry in this one. Our hearts simply can't take it.)