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One Direction Can't Get Away With The Emotional Damages They've Caused

Thanks a lot, guys.

As we've said before -- 2015 was the best and worst year to be a One Direction fan. After all, Zayn left the band in March, but they came back stronger than ever.

However, now that the foursome has played their last show and is going on a break that will last for an undisclosed amount of time, we're One Direction-less. And we're heartbroken.

That's why we've gotten together to hire Dirk Hammersburg, and from the look of this class action lawsuit ad, he seems like a pretty reliable guy! Even the Sai Browne Global Choir is singing his praises.

Anyway, if you're feeling denial, anger, depression or back pain, and think One Direction is to blame, I suggest you contact Dirk Hammersburg.

Now forward this to 12 of your aunts and uncles so they can share a piece of this pie!

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