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Taylor Swift Prepped Her 1989 Tour Guests With Nail Polish, Floss, And Towels

We now know thanks to Karlie Kloss.

Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour was, obviously, a huge production. Though the globe-spanning performances and song covers were impressive, there was one thing that really made the tour memorable—the special guests. Everyone from Nelly to Julia Roberts dropped by the tour to take the catwalk during "Style."

Though the special guest appearances may seem well-rehearsed, a behind-the-scenes video from Karlie Kloss' London appearance reveals, um, they're really not.

In a new video on her YouTube channel, Karlie shows those of us who will definitely never take the stage alongside Taylor what the day leading up to appearing in front of 65 thousand people is like. First, Taylor walks Karlie, Cara Delevingne, Martha Hunt, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Serena Williams through how it'll play out—though they don't actually rehearse on the stage, Taylor uses nail polish, floss, and towels to explain what it'll be like. "Do not fall down the elevator vault," Taylor concludes. OH, OK.

Then, Karlie takes us below stage, where Taylor makes sure that Cara has the Union Jack that she needs for the finale, and then—rather nonchalantly, I might add—retakes the stage via the elevator vault. She does not fall down it.

Being one of Taylor's special guests seems nerve-racking and exciting, and, LBR, this is the closest most of us will ever get to that experience. So, thanks, Karlie—now we know what to look out for, should we ever find ourselves backstage at a Taylor Swift concert.