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Rihanna Is A Gift And She Wore A Giant Bow On Her Head To Prove It

The best present of them all.

Taking a page from the Beyoncé book of "How To Dress Festive At Parties," Rihanna did what only can Rihanna can do: wear a headband with a giant bow on it AND pull it off well.

Rihanna attended a holiday dinner wearing a long, strappy red dress, shearling-lined leather jacket, and a very appropriate bow-adorned headband by Silver Spoon Attire. This look is equal parts badass and Christmassy, resulting in the perfect holiday party outfit.

The bow is a tad subtler than Beyoncé's take on holiday attire, but still makes the necessary statements. As if any of us needed a reminder, Rihanna is a gift and her presence alone is a present to all.