Taylor Swift

11 Reactions To Taylor Swift's 'The 1989 World Tour Live'

I know places you can watch the 1989 Tour. (From your couch.)

For Swifties -- and non-Swifties, because we're all-inclusive here at MTV -- who didn't get to attend Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour this year, no fear. The singer made it possible for you to view her show by releasing the Jonas Åkerlund-directed concert film "The 1989 World Tour (Live)" on Sunday.

The two-hour film was dropped on Apple Music, and fans could watch for free if they had a subscription to the streaming service. Or, they could just use the three-month trial. There were the sneaky fans, of course, who found ~alternate~ ways of watching it... but they're still dedicated Swifties, regardless of their methods.

Whether you were scream-crying-perfect-storms over the new movie, or if you were you-can-hear-it-in-the-silence in love, fans had their own special ways of expressing themselves when it came to watching "The 1989 World Tour."

  1. First, preparation.
  2. Then come the goosebumps.
  3. So much so, that you needed an intermission.
  4. Oh, so you got that free trial? USE IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.
  5. Just don't play it too loud.
  6. Yes, and it gives me 1989 Tour flashbacks every time.
  7. I feel you.
  8. TFW Taylor stares into your soul with her icy blue eyes.
  9. 'I Know Places' was a fave.
  10. The part with Fifth Harmony was the best.
  11. The best thing about watching the 1989 Tour from home is that can probably cure your cold.
  12. Vocals, vocals, vocals. They sound better than ever.