Michael Buckner/BMA2015/Getty Images

An Old Charlie Puth Music Video Has Resurfaced, And It's Hilarious

"I got so much swag, woop!"

Before he was mackin' it with Meghan Trainor and receiving Grammy noms, Charlie Puth was writing raps and running around the Long Branch boardwalk in jorts.

In 2011 the New Jersey native gathered some friends to record a music video for a track called "Swag (Woop!)" The video has since been deleted from his YouTube account and no longer appears on iTunes -- but luckily for us, it has resurfaced for our viewing pleasure:

? "And I'm always on my grind / Making nickels and a dime / and even Charlie Sheen says I'm winning all the time" ?

Facebook is the only place where official evidence of "Swag (Woop!)" remains:

Sorry for unearthing this swag-tastic song, Charlie. But I think it's great.