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We Picked YA Novels For Each Of Santa's Reindeer

We’re helping Santa pick some last-minute gifts for his faithful reindeer.

Santa Claus is a very busy man this time of year, so he might be lagging behind in getting gifts for his nearest and deer-est. To help out the jolly ol’ elf (and keep ourselves on the nice list), we’re suggesting some YA books the reindeer might enjoy reading after playing their reindeer games.

And since it appears that the antlered animals pulling Santa’s sleigh are actually lovely ladies, we’re referring to all of the reindeer as she. Yes, even Rudolph.

  • Dasher

    As the sprinter of the group, Dasher should enjoy “The Maze Runner” by none other than James Dash-ner. Every 30 days, a new teen boy is delivered with no memories to the Glade, which is surrounded by a labyrinth of high walls. The boys must try to solve the Maze by running through it as fast as they can while avoiding the lethal Grievers. Dasher would totally blaze her way through the Maze. Or she could just fly over it.

  • Dancer

    The ballerinas in “Tiny Pretty Things” by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton defy gravity as they leap and whirl through the air, just like the dainty on her feet Dancer. But Dancer is happy to be part of a team, whereas Gigi, Bette, and June will sacrifice, manipulate, and backstab in order to hide their secrets and earn the position of prima ballerina at their elite ballet school.

  • Prancer

    If Prancer wasn’t part of Santa’s team, her high-stepping would help her rock it as a dressage horse. Okay, the not being a horse thing might be a problem, but she’ll still get a high kick out of “Another Kind of Cowboy” by Susan Juby. Closeted Alex and spoiled Cleo both have problems in their lives, but they find relief in their dressage lessons and in an unlikely friendship with each other.

  • Vixen

    Vixen knows she’s a total hottie, and with all the time she spends thinking about how awesome she is, she will probably automatically think “Vixen” by Jillian Larkin is about her. But she will soon be sucked into this Jazz Age story of three very different girls looking for love while living the flapper lifestyle during the Roaring Twenties.

  • Comet

    In “The Comet's Curse” by Dom Testa, the tail of a comet scatters toxic particles on Earth that only affects adults. So in order to save the human race, a crew of 251 teenagers is sent on a spaceship to reach a habitable planet. Hopefully Comet won’t think Santa is implying she’s cursed, since she’s the star of the team. The shooting star that is.

  • Cupid

    “Stupid Cupid” by Rhonda Stapleton may initially seem like Santa is insulting Cupid, but she’s just a fool for love and will enjoy this story of a teen who becomes an actual cupid. Felicity applies for a job at a matchmaking company, but she gets hired to be a modern-day cupid with a PDA that shoots love arrows through email. Of course facilitating true love is not always easy, so plenty of shenanigans ensue.

  • Donner

    Since cannibalism is a major downer during the holidays, we’ll avoid books about The Donner Party by going with the original version of Donner’s name: Dunder, which is Dutch for thunder. In the graphic novel “Thor: The Goddess of Thunder,” a woman picks up the hammer Mjolnir to become a new version of mighty Thor. A kickass lady Thor and a kickass lady thunder reindeer are a perfect match.

  • Blitzen

    We’re also going with Blitzen’s original name, which was Blixen – Dutch for lightning. The electrifying reindeer will be shocked by Meg Cabot’s “When Lightning Strikes,” in which trouble-magnet Jess gets struck by lighting. The teen then realizes she has the ability to find missing kids. Pretty soon the government wants to study her and use her powers for themselves.

  • Rudolph

    Rudolph may originally have been teased because of her red nose, but her redness would be an asset in Alison Cherry’s “Red.” In the town of Scarletville, redheads hold all the power, and Felicity is the most popular redhead at school. The problem is she’s not really a redhead and dyes her hair. Even worse, someone knows her secret and is blackmailing her because of it. There are lots of kids out there who are thankful the red of Rudolph’s nose is not a dye-job, so she’s able to guide Santa around the world to deliver toys.