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Ariana Grande And Archy Marshall Made Our Weekend In Music

We were Christmas and chillin' all weekend. What'd you listen to?

By Patrick Hosken and Emilee Lindner

We write about a lot of music during the week. We also write a lot about what musicians do that's not directly related to their music. Because we live in a headphones-in kind of culture, we're always listening to music -- yes, even when it's not part of work.

This is a look at the music we dug into over this past weekend, not because we had to, and maybe not even because we sought it out. Consider this what caught our ears and, perhaps even more importantly, why it did.

[P.S. We're doing this every week, so get pumped.]

Archy Marshall: A New Place 2 Drown

First things first: Archy Marshall also records and performs under the name King Krule, and he was once known as Zoo Kid, too. The Bandcamp page for that first moniker is where I first fell hard for the now 21-year-old British songwriter, though he was just 16 when I heard the song that snared me, "Out Getting Ribs."

But he's not Zoo Kid anymore, nor is he King Krule, either (at least not right now). Archy is just himself, and his new album, A New Place 2 Drown, is a dark ride through the stoned psyche of a young guy who sounds decades ahead of his time. A lot of that is his deep-husk voice, but the nocturnal sounds that creak and clank around the 12 tracks make up a fair amount, too. Conceived as a soundtrack to a book and a short documentary, A New Place 2 Drown plays like a foggy haze but lands heavily as an emotional anchor. Dive in. --Patrick

Ariana Grande: "Wit It This Christmas"

When I dance, I tend to over-exaggerate, mime the lyrics and just bob up like a parakeet looking for a finger to munch on. Naturally, when my girl Ariana released her Christmas EP on Thursday, I knew that was all I was going to listen to this weekend, and I'd be bouncing all over the house while doing it.

Christmas & Chill has six lil' gems in its sultry R&B treasure chest, but "Wit It This Christmas" is the most danceable. It's like one of these popcorn/cranberry garland things you drape across your tree -- the lyrics are so pop-corny, and her voice is so sweet and tart, like cranberry. I don't know if that metaphor works, but just know that I haven't eaten breakfast yet, and I'm very hungry.

The whole time I listened, I feel like Ari is about to tell me a seductive secret. Yes, I want those "milk and cookies."

Of course, I listened to non-stop Christmas music all weekend, but this one was by far the standout. --Emilee

Let us know what you listened to this weekend, and we'll check it out!