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JoJo Surprises Fans With New #LoveJo2 EP

'Tis the season for a killer comeback.

If you’ve ever felt trapped by a situation beyond your control, you’re familiar with the ensuing frustration and the absolute necessity to get out, scream out and prove yourself.

That’s kind of what JoJo was going through the past few years. After a lengthy legal battle with her former record company, the 24-year-old was finally free to make music again — which was great news for all of us. She celebrated by releasing her #LoveJo EP last year, and followed it up this August with a stellar “tringle” of new tracks.

And while those releases were wholly welcome and promising, JoJo may have just one-upped them with her surprise new EP, #LoveJo2, which dropped Friday (Dec. 18). The four-track collection includes brand new songs, including “Back 2 Life,” a thumping cover of Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life (However Do You Want Me),” as well as a remix of “When Love Hurts,” which gets gloriously mashed up with Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love.”

Overall, it’s enough for old and new JoJo fans alike to get psyched for her sure-to-be-electrifying comeback. After wrapping the North American leg of her “I Am JoJo” tour in New Orleans on Dec. 20 (her 25th birthday!), it’s back to work on her upcoming third album, which is expected to release next year.

Until then, treat your ears to #LoveJo2 below.