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Can You Pass This ‘Star Wars’ Rap Quiz? Watch Logic Try

Logic has to face the lyrics.

"Star Wars" fans are going nuts right now over "The Force Awakens," which has already inspired us to dive into KimYe's past and ask a ton of important burning questions.

The new franchise installment also inspired the folks at Genius to challenge Logic to a quiz about "Star Wars" references in hip-hop. Logic's the perfect rapper to face the test since his latest release, The Incredible True Story, is heavily sci-fi-themed. It's a project he spoke to us about earlier this year, too, so we know he has a soft spot for outer space.

For his Genius quiz, Logic had to finish other MCs' rhymes with the correct "Star Wars" reference. The bars used, from cats like Biz Markie and Kanye West, almost stumped him -- check out the full vid at the bottom to see how he did. And while you're at it, test your own "Star Wars" rap knowledge:

Biz Markie

“Once knew a girl by the name of Rhoda/ Watched ‘Star Wars’ just to see _____.”

Come on, man. It's part of the rhyme!


"Catch the A-train to the left/ Smoke the choke, I set sh-t off like __________.”

You know this one, right?

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def)

“I strike the Empire back/ F—k the Empire/ High flying like ____________, piloted by Han Solo.”

This classic Mos line almost tripped Logic up.

Kanye West

“I get slammed with lawsuits like car doors/ See ______ like 'Star Wars.’”

Yeezy made it kind of easy. By the way, this line's been used by other MCs too.

Notorious B.I.G.

“Take they clothes off slowly / Hit em with the force like _____.”

This might've been the easiest line in the whole quiz.

Talib Kweli

“We go through episodes, too, like __________.”

Great movie title reference bar.