Steven Lippman

It's Been 10 Years Since That Unforgettable 'Hills' New Year's Eve

Lauren and Jason's 2005 evening will never be forgotten.

A perfect midnight kiss, toasting with a fresh glass of champagne and ringing in the brand-new year (while donning festive headgear): That's probably what Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler envisioned when they said hello to life in 2006. However, as "Hills" fans probably remember all too well, that's not exactly what happened 10 years ago to the day (we can't believe it either) with the erstwhile Laguna Beach couple.

In honor of this special anniversary -- which aired on MTV several months after the fateful evening was filmed and can be seen above -- we're taking a fond look back at the former lovebirds' eventful holiday. The LBHS graduates -- who had recently rekindled their romance after a not-so-amicable break up -- seemed to be in good spirits as they entered the Lobby Nightclub with Lauren's roomie Heidi Montag and H's boyfriend Jordan Eubanks (pre-Spencer Pratt, folks!). But the mood between Jason and Lauren quickly shifted -- specifically, the notorious ladies' man rambling about wanting to have a "friendly relationship" and "being close friends."

Understandably, this statement -- which was rooted in his jealousy over a guy from his girlfriend's past -- didn't sit well with the Teen Vogue intern. From there, the conversation escalated -- and the girl who didn't go to Paris stormed out of the club after declaring she didn't care.

The two managed to patch up the argument just in the nick of time -- and share a smooch -- but we all know how this connection ended...

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