Katy Perry Totally Spoiled This Disney Princess' Big Night Out


Pro tip for Disney princesses: If you see Katy Perry coming your way, you might want to run in the other direction, lest she drop a giant spoiler about your own personal fairytale.

Katy was prowling around Disneyland last night when she ran into OG princess Cinderella. But instead of politely snapping a selfie and going on her way, the pop star just had to snark at Cindy about her godmother-given curfew.

"I reminded @Cinderella that all this ends at midnight, she was not thrilled," Katy captioned the pic.

Well, duh. Of course she wasn't; how would you like it if some random celebrity just showed up during the biggest night of your life and peed all over your princess parade? Way to be a total buzzkill, KP.

Meanwhile, the following Disney heroines might want to keep watch for Katy the Human Spoiler, lest she show up and ruin anyone else's happily-ever-after:

  • Ariel, look out.

    That awkward moment when Katy Perry creeps up behind you, right in the middle of "Kiss Ze Girl," and whispers, "Pssst, polite reminder that you've got less than twenty-four hours until Ursula turns you into a plankton."

  • Stay vigilant, Snow White.

    You're just about to reunite with the Prince, and then BAM, there's Katy Perry saying, "Remember how you have to go home tonight and clean up seven dudes' messes? Sucks to be youuuuuu!"

  • And Belle, beware.

    "I'm just saying, when all of this is over, you're still gonna be a nerd with a weird dad. Oh, and you know that Lumiere is probably spying on you in the shower, right?" -- Katy Perry, probably.