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Chris Brown Parties With Scott Disick And French Montana In ‘Picture Me Rollin’’

A$AP Rocky also joins in on the fun.

The music video for Chris Brown's “Picture Me Rollin’” is a star-studded clip full of a-listers. It features Scott Disick, A$AP Rocky and French Montana, among others, in a fun-filled dance party -- but it doesn’t start that way.

Instead, the vid begins with CB in a heated argument with a girl. She’s upset that he hit someone and he doesn’t understand. She leaves him and he screams an obscenity. That’s when Scott Disick hits him up.

“I really can’t f—k all these bitches without you,” Scott says on the phone. “Bro, I had the worst two nights of my life,” Brown replied. But, still, he ends up going to Scott’s party anyway. And this is how that all unfolds.

  • Here’s that argument.
    Chris Brown VEVO
  • Then, Scott Disick invites Chris to a party.
    Chris Brown VEVO
  • CB shows up and all his friends are there.
    Chris Brown VEVO
  • There’s even a jumper.
    Chris Brown VEVO
  • But then, someone has a problem with Chris.
    Chris Brown VEVO
  • Never to worry — Scott and Rocky are there to help.
    Chris Brown VEVO
  • And here's the full video.

Brown's Royalty is set to be released tomorrow, Dec. 18.