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Drake's 'Back To Back' Was Made In Less Than 24 Hours

According to its producer, Daxz.

Can you imagine being in the room the night Drake made "Back To Back?"

Since its release, the Meek Mill dis track's become one of the year's most talked about singles. It even recently earned a Grammy nomination. But little has been said about the cut's creation until now.

The song's producer, Jahmar "Daxz" Carter, opened up about the night "Back To Back" was made during a recent interview with Complex. According to Daxz, the beat was submitted to OVO at 6p.m. on July 28. Around midnight, Daxz -- who co-produced "6 Man" from If You're Reading This, It's Too Late -- hit the lab and met Drizzy for the first time as he was writing the scathing cut.

"They told me they were making the track right there, and within an hour he dropped it on SoundCloud," Daxz said. "It was 5 a.m., and he just dropped it. It all happened in the same day."

"Around the time they were finishing up around the track at 4 a.m., I was sitting in the studio like, 'Is this sh-t really gonna go down right now? Are we just gonna drop this randomly out of nowhere?,'" he said. "I didn't take it in completely until the drive home, and when I got home, the entire Internet was going crazy."

With a Grammy nod and placements on several year-end lists, the song has taken on a life of its own. It was the soundtrack to OVO Fest as Meek Mill memes played on a giant screen. It's become parodied by the likes of Alphacat, who turned it into an anti Donald Trump anthem. And to think, this was all done on 24-hour break from Views.

Speaking of Views From The 6, Daxz is trying to get in on that, too.

"I'm definitely trying to get on Views for sure," he said. "We've got a couple ones."