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Miley Cyrus' Latest Magazine Covers Might Be Her Raciest Yet

But still pretty normal for Miley.

These days, it takes a lot for anything Miley Cyrus does to truly shock us. This is a girl who's taken each and every concept of fashion modesty and said to hell with it and wears/does/says pretty much anything her heart desires. She's basically DGAFness incarnate right now -- and that's what we dig about her.

So, while her latest series of magazine covers might have some shock value if almost anybody else were pictured in these poses, they're actually pretty normal for Miley -- even if they do rank among her steamiest shots yet.

Miley is featured on four separate covers for Plastik Magazine -- two of which have been released -- and, yep, she's featured in nothing but plastic wrap in the first.

Miley coined herself a "Devil without a cause I'm going plastik!!" in her Instagram pic of the shot -- a nod to Kid Rock of all things -- and it was all just so very Miley.

In another cover shot, she sported a matching eye patch and pasties set and brought all new meaning to the concept of "sexy-sweet."

As for the rest of the spread, well, it's definitely going to be NSFW, but what else would you expect from Miley nowadays? One day she's going to pull a Lady Gaga and showed up in a formal ballgown singing a "Sound of Music" number, and that will be the day that we're surprised by her once again.