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Which Non-Traditional Christmas Movie Are You? Take Our Quiz

Ho ho ho!

Maybe it's because the Christmas shopping season practically starts before Halloween nowadays, or because the world seems like a much worse place to live than it used to be -- or maybe we're all just getting old. Either way, it's easy to feel fed up with the cheerful sentimentality of the holiday season -- especially after watching the same classic Christmas movies over and over again.

But take heart, fellow blue Christmas-havers! There are plenty of ways to get back into the spirit of the season, and that's with classic movies that take place during Christmas, but aren't actually about Christmas. You know, the kinds of movies that are covered in tinsel and snow but that don't bog you down with meaningful life lessons about the true spirit of Christmas, or whatever; stuff like "Lethal Weapon," "Iron Man 3," "Edward Scissorhands," and everybody's favorite, "Die Hard."

But which of these not-Christmas movies captures your cold-hearted Christmas-weary essence? There's only one way to find out... By taking our quiz.