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How Many Presidents Can You Name On U.S. Currency?

'Broke A$$ Game Show' is giving folks a lesson in history.

It's pretty easy to spend cash -- but apparently, naming the famous faces that grace our currency can be an entirely different story.

During tonight's brand-new episode of "Broke A$$ Game Show," humorous hosts Derek Gaines and David Magidoff challenged a bunch of innocent bystanders to a pretty simple American history course entitled "Dead Presidents." The rules, announced by the guys as they sported colonial white wigs: Correctly state any former leader (from the American government) that appears on our moolah, and you score the actual bill. Makes cents (terrible pun, apologies) and seems simple enough, right? Think again...

While one lady went with a declaration of President Lincoln (settling for $5), another woman was mad at herself for quickly saying George Washington (and only walking away with a dollar). But one historical person did trip up a lot of overly confident contestants looking to score the most amount of green. Hint: He's the man on the $100 -- but never actually called the White House home.

Watch the entertaining (and educational!) sketch below -- and be sure to catch brand-new episodes of "Broke A$$ Game Show" after the holidays on Thursday, January 7 at 10:30/9:30c!