32 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Questions We Need Answered

::Anxiously checks calendar to see if it's two years from now yet::

Spoilers for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" past this point, but hopefully you figured that out already.

Whether you loved "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," hated it, or fell somewhere in between, one basic fact remains: it's been in movie theaters for about 12 hours, which means we've all watched it at least four times in a row and have lots of questions.

And most of these won't be answered until two years from now, when director Rian Johnson's "Episode VIII: The Force Done Woke Already" hits theaters... But they are the questions that burn bigger, and brighter than Darth Vader on a funeral pyre at an Ewok party.

So let's get to them, and see how many we can answer.

  1. Who are Rey's parents?

    This is probably the biggest question that will need to be answered in the next chapter of the saga. Who are Rey's parents, and why did they leave her on Jakku? We're definitely led to believe -- given the vision she has in Maz Kanata's basement -- that her destiny is directly connected with Kylo Ren's slaughter of Luke's apprentices. So could she, like Luke before her, have been dropped on a desert planet to save her life, and protect her from the dark side that is seeking to wipe her out?

    Bigger question, is her father Obi-Wan -- like was rumored before filming started -- or Luke? Or someone else we know (I'm thinking Yoda?).

  2. What about Finn's parents?

    I'd say this is a mystery we won't get the answer to. It's a small galaxy (see Han Solo just happening to be in the neighborhood when the Falcon reappears), but it's much more powerful if Finn was a random kid, kidnapped to join the First Order army. Still, he doesn't have them, so who knows, he could spend some time searching for his mom and dad (I'm thinking Yoda?).

  3. And is Finn force sensitive, too?

    There's a curious little misdirect that happens in the movie, which at first seems to suggest that Finn is powerful in the force -- given that he's gone through the biggest change, right before Snoke tells Kylo Ren that "there's been an awakening." Not only that, but Finn breaking through his conditioning during the initial attack that captures Poe seems to be beyond what your run of the mill storm trooper can do. Pretty quickly, though, we come to realize Rey is the one the force is strong in... But we went through two movies without an indication that Leia could use the force, so why not Finn? Maybe it wasn't as big of a misdirect as we thought.

  4. Oh, also, will Finn get out of that coma?

    Right, he's in a coma when we leave him. Yeah, he'll get out of the coma, considering he, Rey, and Poe are the new main trio of the franchise. Unless the next installment is also surprise "Weekend at Bernie's" reboot, too.

  5. And is he gonna smooooooch Rey?

    Gosh I hope not. They definitely set Finn and Rey up to have a bit of romantic banter back and forth, but they work so much better as friends who respect each other -- a la Luke and Leia -- than the eventually consummated flirtation of Leia and Han.

    But whatever, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are attractive, delightful human beings, so if they want to kiss on screen, who are we to stand in their way?

  6. Why did Rey awaken?

    It could be the stress of flying the Falcon for the first time, or that with the arrival of BB-8/mention of Luke Skywalker she's finally on the path of the force. But clearly something caused her to awaken. Why now? Why her? Is she the only one in the galaxy, or are there more?

  7. Why did Kylo turn to the dark side?

    We know he did, and he struggles with the pull of the light side. But what set him on the path in the first place? Was it Snoke, or did the seemingly massive being find him after he already killed Luke's younglings? It could be simple jealousy, and a lack of control over his emotions -- something we know from Yoda's teachings in previous movies is a path to the dark side -- but maybe there was some other inciting incident.

  8. Who are the Knights of Ren?

    We hear them mentioned, and potentially see them standing in the rain during Rey's vision; but who are they? Are they also dark side force users like Kylo, or someone/something else?

  9. How did Leia and Han have a son that looks like Adam Driver?

    This is just simple genetics; the dude looks nothing like them. Just saying.

  10. How did Kylo get Vader's helmet?

    It's possible that Han/Leia/Luke saved Vader's mask and costume after burning him at the end of "Jedi," but how did the mask make its way into Kylo's hands? Maybe he just took it?

  11. How did Kylo keep his hair so voluminous under that helmet?

    A helmet that tight is gonna give you some serious hat-head, but not old Kylo. Did the force keep his hair looking so shiny and voluminous? And if so, gimme some of that dark side conditioner, por favor.

  12. Is his name really Ben Ren?

    His given name -- as revealed by Han -- is Ben, obviously in honor of good old Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi. So Kylo's real name is... Ben Ren? I mean, no, because he's Kylo of the order of Ren, but still, pretty dumb, dude. Pretty -- NO DON'T KILL ME.

  13. Why didn't Leia train Jedi?

    There's an inkling that Leia, rather than fully embracing her Jedi heritage after the end of the last movie, just went back to what worked -- i.e., leading the galaxy. But why didn't she learn the ways of the Force with Luke, and teach Jedi herself? Seems like a missed opportunity.

  14. Is Snoke really that huge?

    He could be that big, or it could just be a hologram. Either way, we won't know until we meet him in person -- probably during the next movie.

  15. How do Han and Leia know him?

    Bigger question (no pun intended), how do Han and Leia know him -- and how does Snoke know Han? It's possible it could just be by reputation, but the way they talk about each other seems to imply it's much more than that. Hopefully we find out some of the back-story, and whether it involves our next question...

  16. What happened to Snoke's face?

    Unless he's from an alien race with massive scarring and a hole in their heads, something real bad happened to Snoke in the past. Could those be lightsaber scars? Or something he got from tussling with Han and Leia? Or perhaps we should stop judging giant evil aliens by how they look, and instead by what's inside of them. (Wow, that really made you think.)

  17. How did Poe meet BB-8?

    It was so nice -- and surprising -- to see that little BB-8 and Poe Dameron were BFFs right at the start of the movie, but how did they meet? Where did the little droid come from, and how did they first bond? Also, does having a ball droid make more structural sense for an X-Wing than an R2 unit? Because I feel like it would be more awkward a fit. Actually, they both would.

  18. Why didn't Finn see Poe after they crashed?

    It was a pretty flat, open desert. They really wouldn't have seen each other, as the only two people walking around?

  19. Will the First Order bring back Clone Troopers?

    It's a throwaway line, but during one of the many dust-ups between Kylo and General Hux, the former suggests that maybe since Hux's brainwashed storm troopers aren't working out so well, they could maybe bring back the attack of the clones. At the very least, it seems like there's the possibility of some friction brewing in the First Order. Could we see a three-pronged conflict between the Resistance, and a fractured First Order in subsequent movies? That would definitely shake things up from the evil empire versus rebellion dynamic we've seen so far.

  20. Why do the bad guys keep building giant bases with one minor, exploitable flaw?

    This is the third time they've built an overwhelmingly powerful base that can be destroyed by one ship, and/or a team of rebels ready to blow up a shield generator. TBH, I was half expecting the First Order to have learned from the Empire's mistakes and be setting a trap for the Resistance. But nope, they spent the time to hollow out a planet, only to forget basic protection.

  21. Did Phasma survive the explosion?

    Yeah, they've already said she's an important character going forward.

  22. What about Hux?

    Yep, they said he left before everything started to go super bad.

  23. And Kylo Ren?

    Of course he's alive. He's the new Anakin, they ain't killing him off in something like a little planetary explosion.

  24. Did Kylo lose a body part? Was it his hair? His beautiful hair?

    It was a little tough to tell, honestly. We know he definitely got his face sliced, but other than a few pokes it wasn't totally clear how Rey took down Kylo Ren. Knowing "Star Wars" as well as we do, every audience member I talked to thought he probably got his hand cut off; but we all couldn't quite tell. For my money, it also looked like Rey might have sliced his gorgeous hair, which would be a shame.

  25. Why did Finn go out to battle if he worked sanitation?

    Obviously there's thousands, if not millions of stormtroopers working on Starkiller Base. I'm not doubting that Finn would know the ins and outs of it, having worked sanitation -- but why would he be on Captain Phasma's (presumably) elite squad of troopers? She's, as far as we can tell, third in command after Hux and Kylo Ren, so were they so short staffed that day they needed to get the garbage man to help track down a dangerous rebel?

  26. Who made the map to Luke?

    If there's a map, someone had to know where he was, and left instructions in multiple places on how to reach him. And then taken that map and broke it up into parts, for some reason. Why did they do that? How did they do that? Other than it gives a compelling reason for our heroes to travel the galaxy, of course? Did Luke make the map? If so, why wouldn't he just pick up the phone and call Leia? Would it kill him to call his sister every once in a while?

  27. How did Maz get Luke's lightsaber?

    She says it's a long story, so we may never find out; but how Luke lost his lightsaber, and it ended up in Maz's basement seems like a key piece in understanding what happened to him after Kylo killed his students. Speaking of which...

  28. Why was Luke hiding (beyond the obvious?)

    I sort of get why Luke left, he was grief-stricken over the loss of his students, and not being able to stop Han and Leia's son from turning to the dark side. But why hide out for so long? Why never come back? Why not take the fight to the First Order? There's more to the story than we know right now, and given Luke's lack of dialogue at the end of the movie, something we'll be wondering about for two years.

  29. Why was Mark Hamill at that table read?

    As pointed out by MTV News' own Josh Horowitz, was Hamill just silently sitting there at that first table read, not saying anything for two hours, and then silently looking up at the end? That must have been awkward.

  30. Why did R2 wait so long to wake up?

    He was in low power mode, essentially depressed that Luke had left him. But if he woke up in order to complete the map to Luke with BB-8, why did he wait until after Starkiller Base was destroyed? Why not just wake up the second BB showed up with the other part of the map, particularly if Luke is -- as Leia believes -- key to stopping the First Order? What, exactly, was R2 waiting for?

  31. Is Greg Grunberg the new Porkins?

    Or is he the new Wedge? Either way, good on him for staying bros with J.J. long enough to get in a flippin' "Star Wars" movie.

  32. Will Luke take back his lightsaber?

    Or more accurately, will Rey have to give it up? That last scene is fraught with emotions, as Luke sees the first new Jedi in a generation approaching him with his own lightsaber, and Rey is making the decision of whether to truly embrace her new destiny. She's the new Luke and Han rolled into one, but beyond knowing she won't be stuck on Jakku forever, is she really ready to save the galaxy? We'll find out in -- you guessed it -- two years.