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A New Ohio Bill Would Require Women To Bury Or Cremate Aborted Fetuses

'Whether they are selling body parts or simply tossing them into landfills doesn’t matter to me anymore,' says one of the bill's sponsors.

Recently, lawmakers in Ohio stepped up their game to further harass women seeking abortions: A new state law is being introduced, which would require women who have abortions or miscarriages to bury or cremate the fetuses.

WVXU reports that the bill "would require women who undergo abortions at clinics or are treated for miscarriages at hospitals sign a form, designating burial or cremation of fetal remains. And the cost of that would be passed on to the facility which could then pass it on to the women being treated."

"Whether they are selling body parts or simply tossing them into landfills doesn't matter to me anymore," Republican State Representative Kyle Koehler, one of the bill's sponsors, said.

The bill was inspired by Attorney General Mike DeWine's fruitless effort to discredit Planned Parenthood after those highly edited, totally fake videos circulated earlier this year. Despite a "months long investigation into Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Ohio," DeWine found "no evidence that the organization was selling body parts of aborted fetuses," WVXU reports.

Regardless, he's decided to take legal action against Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio, claiming "medical waste vendors they use were dumping fetal remains into landfills," according to WXVU.

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An anti-choice protestor outside a Planned Parenthood in Akron, Ohio

Representative Barbara Sears also maintains that the bill is about "respectfully treating the remains of an infant who has been aborted."

"I think that you can see how we treat our own childhood pets when we are disposing of them in a respectful way, you know I think that people are shocked, she said. "And I don't think that it matters whether you are Republican or Democrat or Independent or oblivious to politics all together."

However, Gabriel Mann of NARAL Pro-Choice said that Planned Parenthood fully complies with the law and that new legislature would be unnecessary and harmful.

"This law that Ohio Planned Parenthood affiliates have been following has been in effect for 40 years, 3 months and 14 days and nobody had any problems with them following the law until Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine had to announce that Planned Parenthood was following the law," Mann said. "And he got very frustrated by the fact that he had to tell the truth and now they need a new law."

Since 2013, the number of abortion clinics in Ohio -- a state of over 11 million people -- has plummeted from 14 to just nine.

"None of this is medically necessary," Mann added. "The only reason that these bills are being introduced is because they want to try to harass abortion providers and harass women that are seeking a safe and legal procedure."