'Bloodlines' Battle Wounds: Does Tony's Injury Mean He's Headed Out The Door?

After a 'Challenge' gone wrong, the 'Real World' alum is still suffering.

One "Challenge" bloodline might be facing immediate extraction.

On tonight's episode, “Real World: Skeletons” alum Tony proved to his new team that he could hang tough. He looked like a pro through the first pass of “Meet Me Halfway,” which challenged competitors to leap between a period of suspended platforms, but he took a misguided step in the thick of the mission and plummeted somewhere around 30 feet into the water below. He later complained that his back hurt, and when medics examined his pain, they demanded he take a trip to the hospital.

While Candice, who split her lip and broke her toe during the mission, was in and out of the infirmary in a jiffy, Tony mysteriously remained for the day, alerting his brother Shane to the idea that something might have been seriously wrong. Finally, though, Tony returned to the house in good spirits and explained that his long visit was just to wait out a window for internal bleeding tests.

“It’s such a relief to be back here,” he said. “I don’t ever want to say I’m hurt again, because I don’t want to have to go back to the hospital and miss another day here.”

Unfortunately, the sentiment amounted to sort of a reverse-prophesy, and hours later, en route to The Pit, Tony started feeling cramps in his stomach but denied further medical care. Then, he started getting dizzy, his face turned green and, as far as Johnny Bananas put it, "All of a sudden, he looks like death warmed over.”

“I have never seen a person look as sickly as Tony looks,” Rianna added.

Finally, the intersection of pain and nausea proved to be too much, and Tony hit the ground. An ambulance arrived to cart him away, and he wound up right back where his day had started: in the hospital.

What do you think: Does Tony seem like the type who will be able to work through the pain and keep pressing on? Or does his collapse signal that something's not right, and are he and Shane likely on their way out the door? Tell us what you think, and be sure to see what happens to Tony on the next “Bloodlines” episode next Wednesday night!