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Austin Mahone Recruits Becky G And T-Pain For New Mixtape

This is Not the Album will also feature a Chris Brown remix and an Alicia Keys remake.

Believe it or not, it’s been five years since Austin Mahone kicked off his career by posting cover videos on YouTube. And it’s been three years since he released his debut EP, two years since his hit single “What About Love” earned him a slot on Taylor Swift’s Red Tour, and one year since his sophomore EP spawned jams like “Banga Banga” and “Mmm Yeah.”

But in a confusing twist, the 19-year-old has yet to release his long-awaited debut album. He’s apparently just as confused by fans about the delay, because Austin’s now decided to drop a (free!) collection of new songs this week, cheekily titled This is Not the Album.

Austin announced the title and artwork of the 19-song collection on Monday (Dec. 14), writing on Facebook, “Got a huge surprise for you guys!!! I’ve got some new music that I’m really excited for you to hear, that I’ve been working real hard on. I know the music you’ve been wanting hasn’t come yet, but I’ve been writing, producing and getting better at what I truly love to do, and thats why I made this project.”

He continued, “Because I don’t know when the album will be out so this is a collection of songs that were made by myself and with the help of some good friends to hold you guys over until it does. So in the meantime I’ll be working on my 1st debut album because #THISISNOTTHEALBUM.”

On Tuesday, Austin accompanied his big announcement with short video clips in which he teases each new song, including collaborations with Sage the Gemini, T-Pain and even his ex-girlfriend Becky G.

  1. "Put It On Me" feat. Sage the Gemini

    This opening track was released back in October, and even has a wet and wild video already.

  2. "Same Girl" feat. Kalin and Myles

    "It's a true story," Austin spills about the second track.

  3. "Brand New"

    "It's a song that me and Rob wrote about a certain girl... not going to name any names." How coy!

  4. "Do It Right" feat. Rob Villa

    This track, featuring Austin's friend and frequent collaborator Rob Villa, has also been previously released -- and it's a straight jam.

  5. "Rollin'" feat. Becky G

    You'll definitely want to play the clip above to hear Austin sing a snippet of this tune: "And we rollin', we rollin', your hands are all one me/ Doing 95 in a 65, trying to chase eternity." We're guessing this one was recorded pre-breakup?!

  6. "On Your Way" feat. Super Duper Kyle

    This one's already a fan favorite -- take a listen here.

  7. "Caught Up"

    "Guys, listen to me... a major key to blessing your ears is to listen to track No. 7, 'Caught Up.' Major key, guys," he playfully teases.

  8. "Something So Real"

    "This could be something so real," Austin croons in this teaser.

  9. "Love You Anyways" feat. Rob Villa

    Oh HEY, Rob Villa cameo!

  10. "Red Lights Remix" feat. Chris Brown

    Austin says this track -- a remix of one of Brown's songs from his latest mixtape -- is one of his favorites.

  11. "What It Do"

    We'll just have to wait and see "what it do" on this Drummer Boy-produced track.

  12. "Deep End"

    Austin says this one is a "super R&B song" in the vein of "Say My Name," with some "dope" samples.

  13. "Hate To Let You Go"

    "I wrote it in a time when I was going through some stuff, but it's a real nice guitar-based track."

  14. "Apology"

    Austin says this is "one of my favorite songs on the project."

  15. "Who's Gonna Love You Now"

    Austin breaks out the guitar to strum a couple lines of this easygoing tune.

  16. "Hold It Against Me"

    Sadly, it doesn't sound like this is a Britney Spears cover. But it does apparently have a "smooth vibe."

  17. "If I Ain't Got You" feat. Kyle Dion

    Austin reveals this one's an Alicia Keys remake that he just finished a few hours prior.

  18. "Not Far"

    This sweet song, which Austin says he wrote for his grandmother, has also been released already, for your crying pleasure.

  19. "Dirty Work Remix" feat. T-Pain

    Last but not least is this "crazy" remix. "I'm a huge T-Pain fan, so I was super excited when he wanted to redo this song and make it different," Austin spilled.

This is Not the Album arrives on Thursday (Dec. 17).