Bradley Cooper Reminisces About His Hottest Socks-On Sex Scene

Toolshed, anyone?

Bradley Cooper is best known for his frequent onscreen pairings with Jennifer Lawrence, but the most memorable hookup he's ever had in a movie was with somebody else entirely.

Specifically, it was with Michael Ian Black -- who shared some sweet, tube-socked, shed-rockin' sexing with B-Coops in "Wet Hot American Summer."

Cooper was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" last night (Dec. 14) to promote "Joy," his latest movie with J-Law, but the interview took a detour down memory lane when Meyers started talking about the old-school camp comedy -- and that wildly passionate (and super-serious) moment between two young men in a tool shed.

"We put a lot of that sweat stuff, you know, that glistening gel. And then we were up against -- yeah, it was nuts," Cooper recalled. "Jen Lawrence and I kind of have chemistry, but Michael Ian Black!"