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Watch Singles Swap Phones And Give Each Other The Honest Truth About Their Tinder Technique

Friends become digital wingmen. It goes well (mostly).

With dating moving further into the internet as time goes on, more of our romantic lives begin in the digital realm, with screen-to-screen chatting cutting down our face-to-face interaction. One experiment serves as a reminder that none of us have any idea how to date online, really.

Elite Daily assembled pairs of friends and had them exchange phones with the express purpose of going on each others' dating apps. ?

Some of the participants welcome the advice of others, while some people prefer absolutely no intrusion into their dating lives, but reluctantly give in.

"Online dating is basically a web of text messages and never meeting someone," one woman says. Her friend replies later in the video that she doesn't like "this whole like, 'Let's talk forever.' Set a date and time."

Essentially you find out we all could learn a little bit from being direct, even if it does seem we're all talking to a bunch of pixels. ???

Watch the full video below. Just FYI, you learn ~a lot~ about one of the participants straight away. ?