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Taylor Swift's BB Brother Austin Is The Scruffy Nerfherder We've Been Looking For: See The Pics

Nice to meet you, Austin Swift. Where you been?

A new star has been born in the galaxy -- and his name is Austin Swift.

Taylor Swift's baby (BB?) brother flew solo Monday night at the star-studded world premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," making his official red carpet debut sans the "Style" singer. The younger Swift, 23, looked dapper AF in a blue Gucci tux. You know, he's kind of got that blue-eyed, scruffy-looking Nerfherder thing going for him -- and we hear Hollywood is still looking for their young Han Solo. Coincidence? We think not.

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Austin graduated from Notre Dame University earlier this year, and he's currently pursuing a career in acting. After a trip to Middle Earth a few weeks ago, Austin landed on Jakku for the hotly anticipated premiere of "The Force Awakens." Clearly, the G-force didn't mess up Austin's perfectly coiled locks because DAY-UM.

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We're a little bummed Austin didn't ask Olivia to be his date. We know how he likes to parade her around in his arms like Blofeld. It's OK, Austin. We forgive. (Olivia, however, does not. You KNOW how badly she wanted to meet BB-8. For shame.)

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How do you say "swoon" in Shyriiwook?

Looking good, BB-Swift. Chewie approves.