'Teen Mom OG' Poll: Whose Side Are You On -- Farrah's Or Simon's?

The entrepreneur and her ex-beau butted heads on the show's season premiere.

When we last saw Farrah and Simon on "Teen Mom OG," the couple took a big step forward in their relationship: Sophia met her parent's boyfriend, making him the first man Farrah ever introduced to her daughter. But during tonight's two-hour season premiere, viewers witnessed the pair (who had since called it quits) have a series of particularly heated exchanges when they reunited throughout the course of the first episode. So whose side are you on: Farrah's or Simon's?

Before you come up with an answer, let's look back at what unfolded during several tense interactions. First, Farrah and Simon went out in Austin to talk about their split and contemplate whether or not reconciliation was a possibility. Unfortunately, the conversation dead-ended: Farrah stated that her former partner was "immature and selfish," while Simon claimed his erstwhile girlfriend had "an attitude problem."

But that was only the beginning: The exes saw each other again at a mutual friend’s wedding in San Diego -- and even slow-danced at the reception. The next day, Simon sent Farrah several bouquets of flowers along with an affectionate note asking her to join him for dinner. Understandably, his romantic gesture was a hit.

However, Farrah's elation was short-lived and her sentiment toward Simon took a very different turn when they got to talking at their meal. Like she did during their candid Texas conversation, and straight from the get-go, Farrah asked Simon what he wanted to do in regards to their relationship.

“It is what it is,” Simon told Farrah, before adding it is "all about time" and "seeing where it progresses." His simple "it is what it is" statement -- in addition to his declaration that there was no need to "rush" -- did not sit well with Farrah.

"You ignore people's feelings -- then you want to move forward," she stated. From there, it was a series of back and forth jabs: Farrah called Simon "a bitch" and said that he had a been a bad influence on her little girl. Then the exchange really escalated (prompted by these previous exclamations), and Farrah decided to leave the restaurant. Again, like in the Lone Star state, no resolution was reached.

It's clear that Farrah and Simon still deeply care about each other. Even though they're both trying to make sense of how they can proceed (whether that's together or apart), there's no doubt they're having difficulty seeing eye-to-eye. But who do you think is in the right? It's completely fair for Farrah to want clarification about where she sees their future going; however, Simon has made it clear he is unable to guarantee the commitment she so desires for her family. On the flip side, Simon has struggled to express how he really feels and is unsure about where their path will lead -- and Farrah's quick need for answers isn't helping him find the necessary clarity.

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