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'Figure It Out' Host Summer Sanders Told Us Exactly What's In Slime

Drumroll, please.

For Nickelodeon fans, the orange splat logo and signature green slime go hand-in-hand. Slime was a huge part of what made the channel so awesome in the '90s -- it was messy, it was gooey and it was every parent's worst nightmare.

Summer Sanders, the host of Nick's "Figure It Out" (RIP 1997–2000), spoke to MTV News about the gameshow and its lasting impact on '90s kids, who've been wondering for over a decade WTF went into that green stuff. (It's not made of "kids who got lost in Universal Studios," as one MTV News writer joked. ?)

Sanders revealed the very delicious answer in an interview Friday, Dec. 11. Slime only has two -- yes, two -- ingredients, and you can get them both right now at pretty much any grocery store. Are you ready? Drumroll, please...

Vanilla pudding. Green food coloring. Ta-da! There you have it, folks.

"The slime was really cold. They kept it refrigerated, because it was vanilla pudding and green food coloring," Sanders explained. "So half of the reaction from the panelists was the fact they were getting slimed, but the other half was that it was so freezing that it just shocked you."

"But that's why Danny [Tamberelli] would eat it all the time, because it was just vanilla pudding," she continued.


The "Figure It Out" slime Sanders described to us is only one formula out of many, though. Previous recipes included Jell-O, oatmeal, flour and baby shampoo (so it'd be easier to wash off). The OG slime that started it all, however, wasn't even Nickelodeon's idea. Oh, and it was created wayyy before the '90s. Like, before you were even in the womb.

"You Can't Do That on Television," a sketch comedy show that ran on Canada's CTV starting in 1979, was the first to slime kids. Nickelodeon syndicated the show in the early '90s before "All That," Nick's own comedy show, began. The program changed but the slime stuck around because, well, the audience loved it.

It's been over 15 years since "Figure It Out" wrapped, and we're still loving it. Actually, we love it even more now, because we know it's vanilla pudding -- and that stuff's delicious. NOM.

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