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15 Dysfunctional Movie Families To Watch That'll Make You Forget About Your Own Weird Family

"When you go home, do you look around and wonder, 'Who are these people?'"

The holidays are filled with the three F's: food, fun and family. The first two are definitely things to look forward to as you finish up those finals or submit an end-of-year project for work. The third one, however, isn't always a positive experience. We love our families to death, but they know the quickest way of getting under our skin.

Let's be honest here: Most families are classified as "dysfunctional" — the days of "The Brady Bunch" and "Leave It to Beaver" are long gone. The dysfunction is what makes being in a family all the more of an adventure, although it can get a little overwhelming.

So, lounge around this holiday season with these 15 films jammed-pack with dysfunctional families that'll make you ever so thankful for your own goofy bunch.

  1. Warner Bros.

    You know nothing of a family madhouse until you've seen the Griswolds in action. For starters, there are rednecks who publicly shove their sh-t down a sewage drain. There's a senile old lady who doesn't know what planet she's on and her husband's the Grinch in human form. Oh, and there's a rogue squirrel and a dog who slobbers more than babies at nap time.

  2. Paramount Pictures

    While this film can be argued as the quintessential Thanksgiving film, it's still perfectly acceptable to watch at Christmastime. When Claudia Larson is fired from her job, she flies home to spend Thanksgiving with family. Of course, that means dealing with an ultra conservative sister, a snooty brother, spoiled children, an eccentric aunt and bb Robert Downey, Jr.

  3. Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "Everyone, just... pretend to be normal." This one quote perfectly sums up this Oscar-nominated film. After Olive becomes a finalist in a beauty pageant, her wacky family is forced to drive across country for the contest. There's a character who refuses to speak, one who recreationally does drugs, one who is the king of sarcasm and one who won't ever shut up about becoming a winner in life. The film culminates with a hilarious dance number to Rick James' song "Super Freak."

  4. 20th Century Fox

    When Everett Stone brings his stuffy, conservative girlfriend Meredith Morton to visit his liberal family, things clearly don't go as planned. There are failed attempts at charades, ~serious~ discussions and everything in between. If you've ever felt like an outsider in your family, this movie is for you.

  5. Warner Bros.

    Judd is forced to return home after his father dies, which means dealing with his protective sister, his no-nonsense brother, his playboy brother and blunt AF mother. As per their father's dying wish, all family members are to sit shiva, aka remain under the same roof for one whole week. Thankfully, no one murders anyone during the film.

  6. MGM

    Based on this photo, Ralphie's family seems like your stereotypical '40s or '50s family. Except for the fact that his father gets into fights with the neighbor's dogs, his mother does battle with a tacky leg lamp and his brother wears so many layers of clothes that he "can't put his arms down." The Parkers keep up the facade they're a normal, happy family, but that's definitely not the case.

  7. The Weinstein Company

    When the patriarch of the family disappears, relatives reunite to find him. Of course, that means having several contentious, sleazy, flaky and irritable people together under one roof in the dead heat of summer.

  8. Universal Pictures

    When uptight Jack Byrnes meets loosy-goosy Bernie Focker, things go anything but smoothly. Newly engaged Greg and Pam just want their parents to hit it off before they get married, but the couple quickly finds out opposites don't always attract. There's also a moment when the cat flushes the dog down the toilet, because tranquility is simply overrated.

  9. 20th Century Fox

    Moving to a new town is tough, but it's especially tough when you have to do it with 11 other siblings. Tensions start running high after the kids have a difficult time adjusting to their new environment. If you've had it up to HERE with you siblings, watch this movie. You'll realize things could always be worse.

  10. Paramount Vantage

    Convinced he's won a $1 million sweepstakes, Woody's son David ends up traveling from Montana to Nebraska so his father can "collect" his prize. Of course, they cross paths with Woody's grouchy, argumentative and money-grabbing family who love to stir up trouble. Oh, and David's mother flashes an ex-lover's gravestone, so there's that.

  11. United Artists

    Estranged from her family, April decides to host dinner with her boyfriend Bobby, after realizing it could be her mother's last Thanksgiving. The film goes back and forth between the issues April and Bobby have preparing for the feast and the plethora of problems April's family has on their journey. Exhibit A: Her family holds a burial service for an animal they accidentally hit and killed on the road.

  12. Universal Pictures

    This recent film has a crystal clear message: Enjoy your family's company and don't give up hope things'll get better, or else a massive "evil Santa" will drag your entire family to Hell. So, just because your aunt is a condescending, irritable old woman, and your cousins are walking terrors, just grin and bear it, OK?

  13. Phase 4 Films / Entertainment One Films

    One of the final films Robin Williams did, this tells the story of Boyd Mitchler's struggle of dealing with his eclectic family of misfits. When he realizes he left the presents at home, Boyd and his estranged dad (Williams) make the 8-hour drive together.

  14. Buena Vista Pictures

    The Tenenbaum Family is made up of high-achieving geniuses, prodigies and artists. When the children in the family grow up, they're forced to reconcile with their dad who announced he was terminally ill. This delightfully eccentric film, which comes from the mind of Wes Anderson, may not be like your dysfunctional family, but at least one of your relatives didn't have you disbarred from practicing law for pilfering your bonds when you were a kid.

  15. 20th Century Fox

    If you seriously can't even with your family, then watch a movie without one. This way, you can have the entire cheese pizza you ordered all to yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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