13 Times Lupita Nyong'o Was Pure 'Star Wars' Sunshine

Is there any force stronger than a smile?

Unless you're one of those people avoiding all things "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" so you're virginally unspoiled on opening night, then you're probably seen the insane amount of coverage BB-8 is getting on the film's press tour.

He's "the cutest droid in any galaxy!" writes Time magazine, who chose the little round fella for its recent "Star Wars" cover. "The droid we’ve been looking for!" writes MTV News' own Crystal Bell.

... Which is fine and all, if you like things that are not real. I tend to obsess over miracles of god's great creation, which is why I'm hear to report that Lupita Nyong'o and her ridiculously bad-mood-busting smile is the best part of the "Force Awakens" press tour.


  1. When she made even Stormtroopers look adorable.

    Look how happy Oscar Isaac is!

  2. When she rolled deep with some legendary droids.


  3. When she turned a green screen interview into a Madonna classic.
  4. When she did it all for ~ the fans ~
  5. When she became a human wookie.
  6. When she went on a Univision talk show and made THIS FACE.
    Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images
  7. When she made an entire mall smile.

    Despite being in a MALL. During HOLIDAY SEASON.

  8. When she made a galaxy far, far away look like the best thing ever.
  9. When she smiled and the whole world stopped and stared for a while.
  10. When she couldn't help but have the best time ever with her squad.
  11. When she went all twinsies with R2.
  12. When she geeked out over a mini BB-8.
    Victor Chavez/WireImage

    OK, fine, it's kind of cute.

  13. ... And then there was that one time she was totally serious.

    What? Everyone is allowed to have some frowny fun every once in a while.