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Every 'Camp Rock' Song Ranked, Because You Secretly Wanted This

Demi Vs. The JoBros -- Who Will Win?

It's been quite the era for almost everyone involved in the "Camp Rock" series.

Demi Lovato showcased her "Confident" side, Joe Jonas spun together a new band by feasting on a little "Cake by the Ocean," and Nick Jonas stood his ground in the R&B realm while multitasking his onscreen duties in "Kingdom."

That said, it's only natural to think back -- say, 8 years -- to the place where team Demi + Jonas Brothers began.

"Camp Rock" was a competition in and of itself, but what happens when you actually pit the songs against each other. How do they stack up?

Let's find out.

  1. "Here I Am"

    Real talk, we're all a little iffy about this song winning Final Jam.

    I mean... good for you Peggy, for finally making your presence known in the world of teen summer camps (against being constantly overshadowed by your nightmare companion Tess) but a cheesy, minimal ballad just can't compete with your main character competitors and their top-tier showpieces.

    Fun fact: While actress Jasmine Richards is seen performing the song in the movie, singer Renee Sands is actually the one singing.

  2. "What It Takes"

    The shouting (oddly) is lacking any enthusiasm. You'd be more likely to find this as an opener in a cult ritual than a summer camp.

    If this song had been workshopped at Camp JLo, perhaps it could've been saved, but Camp Rock just didn't cut it for this hip hop track.

  3. "We Rock"

    It has everything we love in a solid Disney finale -- the empowering cheerleader lyrics, main characters trading off lines, Demi slaying high notes -- but for a final pop rock number, it just doesn't hit as hard as it should.

    Remaster this track, pretty please.

    Crank those guitars up to 11, bump that drum track up to an Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend" pace, then we'll talk.

  4. "Hasta La Vista"

    Was this rejected from the "Cheetah Girls 2" soundtrack?

  5. "Who Will I Be"

    There's cheesy, then there's Disney Cheesy (and we like Disney Cheesy).

    A montage of young Demi Lovato hopping out of bed on a summer morning, prepping herself for another exciting, teenage day -- it's really everything we expect and want to accompany this uplifting song in the movie's introduction.

  6. "Play My Music"

    The benefit of a JoBro-led movie is the JoBro-led soundtrack that follows.

    Kevin, Joe and Nick had quite the pop rock formula worked out in this era of their career, and the Camp Rock producers weren't about to mess with success.

    So, yeah... it's essentially just a track you'd hear from the trio outside of the fictional film realm, but in a few respects it leans slightly more rock than usual for the bros.

    Feel dat pace.

  7. "Too Cool"

    Being a diva can be tough, but with the proper glamorous synthpop song, the journey can be a bit easier (even if not for those around you).

    After all, the lyrics aren't just biting -- they're savage.

    "You think you're hot but I'm sorry you're not."

    And to answer your big question, yes, we are ignoring the fact that Tess is supposed to be the best singer at Camp Rock and... this is the performance she delivers.

  8. "Gotta Find You"

    For being just one piece of the "This Is Me" finale, Joe certainly delivers a performance worthy of a stand-alone spot on the soundtrack.

    We got a taste of this track from a lakeside acoustic session during the film, but that extra orchestration provides the finesse that a beautiful ballad deserves.

    Come on -- did you hear that cello in the intro? I nearly cried.

  9. "Start The Party"

    Sorry, no awards for lyrics here, but this dance song is 100% sonically on point.

    If those liquid synths don't immediately make you want to glide across a dance floor, then the beat variety will. That, in particular, is a lot more complex in this track compared to others on the Camp Rock soundtrack.

    And that bridge is so sensual... but, you know, in the most G-rated way.

    Thanks, Disney, for treading lightly with our childhood souls.

  10. "This Is Me"

    It's not a particularly complex song on the forefront, but when you consider the story of Demi and Joe's individual tracks being pieced together for this grand finale, it's worthy. So rare is an opportunity to use the film plot to blend two songs together.

    And Demi still slays the high notes, of course.

    High expectations are the death of musical satisfaction, but in this instance Disney really did deliver a satisfactory final number that left our youthful ears pleased.

  11. "2 Stars"

    At this point in the film, it was clear to everyone that Mitchie could run vocal circles around Tess, but also that Tess was getting the better songs.

    Not an inaccurate representation of the commercial music industry, actually.

    As a glamorous pop track, it's certainly a sibling of "Too Cool," but that emotional edge really bumps this number up a few notches.

    "There's never any us, can't you see?"


    How could Tess's mom take a phone call during this performance? The visuals are so on-point in that Final Jam number! The mirrors, the choreography -- it's worthy of a real-life award show performance, and then some.

  12. "Our Time Is Here"

    Surprised? Many of us were, after first listening to this bonus track.

    Just when you thought the kids' rock days were over, this song sprung from the post-summer camp jam session that the gals had in Caitlyn's garage three months later.

    And the performance strikes all of our sensitive nostalgia nerves.

    The musical elements alone bring an essence of sadness, but tied in with the four girls' realization that their times of happiness are bound to remain memories, we cry every last tear -- because let's face it, we've all been there.

    Reflection has its sadness (no matter how joyful the memory is) and it's up to you to put that first foot forward and "leave it all behind -- your past and mine."

    Too deep for a Camp Rock track?