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Zayn Malik Is Blond Now — Watch Out, Justin Bieber

Zayn Malik kept his hair one color during his One Direction days—with one notable blond streak exception—but ever since leaving the band for his solo venture, he's been changing up regularly. It's been green, purple, gray, and white since June. On Thursday (Dec. 10), he debuted another new color—blond.

Last we saw of Zayn, he was sporting beautiful—and shiny!—gray locks, but with a new month comes a new look. His light hair especially stands out next to his dark beard, which, BTW, is longer than we've ever seen on his beautiful face before.

This is not, however, the lightest we've ever seen Zayn's hair.

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That honor goes to this platinum-white color he had in June, when he resurfaced unexpectedly at Paris Fashion Week. The new look is longer and features a hint of dark roots, though, which makes it seem ~edgier~.

Whether the new light 'do is a precursor to a bright color or just an experiment to see if blonds really do have more fun—care to confirm or deny, Justin Bieber??—remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure—we're not mad at blond Zayn. Not at all.