Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Ed Sheeran Broke His Ear Drum Jumping Off A Yacht

And he didn't even find out until later...

Ed Sheeran may be going on a break from music come January, but it seems like he already has something very necessary planned for his time off. Teddy burst his ear drum and has scheduled surgery to remedy it.

“I have to have an operation in January on my ear because I stupidly jumped off a yacht really high up and smashed it,” he told Australia’s Nova radio, according to Billboard. “I landed wrong and it burst my eardrum so I have to go and get a graft, which means I’m not allowed to fly for a while, so it’s kind of good, it means I have to stay at home.”

Sounds familiar? Pal Justin Bieber recently burst his ear drum too, showing up to the MTV EMA with a plug in his ear after a wakeboarding incident. "I was wakeboarding and I smashed my ear against the water so now I gotta like plug my ear against the screaming," Bieber said on the EMA red carpet.

Sheeran said he didn't know he had broken his ear drum until he returned to the water: "It’s the most painful thing having a hole in your eardrum and having water go in.”

Nevertheless, he's a champ. He's still going to finish up the Australian leg of his tour with his last show on Saturday.

Feel better, Sheeran!