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The Diamond Ring Meek Mill Got Nicki Minaj Looks Like It's Making Her Hand 15 Pounds Heavier

And she addresses engagement rumors.

"WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?" is what you may have asked yourself when Nicki Minaj posted a picture of a huge diamond ring on her finger late Wednesday night.

First you think, "It's an engagement ring, right?" But then you realize Meek Mill and Nicki have done this before, back in April, when she posted a photo of her hand sporting a heart-shaped ring, fueling engagement rumors. But those were never confirmed.

So, instead, you think, "It's a birthday present, then?" It was Nicki's 33rd birthday on Tuesday, and Meek must have gotten her something, so it was probably this ring. But, then again, maybe it was this ring, as an engagement ring, as a birthday gift. The classic Wedding-Proposal-On-Her-Birthday play, if you will.

Then you recognize it doesn't matter if they're engaged or not because, just like everyone else who's important in your life, you simply want them to be happy.

But then you wake up this morning and realize that all of your tossing and turning overnight about this issue was pointless, because Nicki cleared things up in an interview for Billboard's new cover story, which was published early Thursday (Dec. 10).

"He and I are not engaged," she told the magazine, when they asked not about the ring she posted Wednesday night (the interview was likely conducted in the past few weeks), but the one she's been wearing for some time. "But he said he would like to give me three rings before we get married. My birthday’s coming up, and he better get the new one, because he got [the first one] for my last birthday. So let’s see what happens."

Well, now we saw what happened. He came through, in a big way.

"Now this is what I'm talking about baby," she caption an ring pic on Instagram. "Lol. Love u ??????? ????? @meekmill ~ RANG finga whr da rock iiizzzzzzzz." Or her other one: "This stone is flawless. (My voice) lol ????????????????."

Engagement or not, this is a great time to revisit some fan fiction I wrote about a potential Meek proposal, and once again hope that, if and when it does happen, it happens that way.