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'Pretty Little Liars' Dropped A Major Bomb About Its New Villain

Who is "he?" We have a few suspects.

"Pretty Little Liars" will introduce a new evil in Season 6 when the Liars reunite in Rosewood after five years apart -- and "he" is seriously deadly. Not to mention, this Big Bad has close ties to someone we already know. Wait, what? Now that's a twist we didn't see coming.

Creator Marlene King recently told that this season won't drag out the major reveals, and by the end of Season 6, "you will pretty much know who or who's related to this big bad." Based on what we already know about this enigmatic villain, it sounds like "he" is directly connected to whoever winds up dead in the midseason premiere. It's no secret that one Rosewood resident is going to wind up in a casket before the episode's end, but perhaps the more important question is why? And what does it have to do with the Liars?

When we caught up with the "PLL" cast at New York Comic Con in October, Lucy Hale called the new villain "smarter and edgier and deadlier" than A. "It's definitely life or death," she said. "The stakes are definitely a lot higher. It's not 'I'm going to expose your secrets.' It's 'I'm going to kill you if you don’t give me what I want.'"

Unlike A, this Big Bad sounds utterly reprehensible. So who could "he" be? Based on what we know so far, here are the top suspects:

  • Mike Montgomery
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    Mike Montgomery is an emotional guy. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. But sometimes, he lets his emotions cloud his judgement. He rarely thinks before he acts, and that kind of reckless behavior has gotten him in trouble before. Case in point: his relationship with Mona. Sure, Mike and Mona may have had something unique and special, but letting your girlfriend coerce you into a plot to fake her death is a major red flag in our book. This brings us to why he could be the show's new Big Bad. Given how upset he was the first time he thought Mona was D-E-A-D (and how much he dislikes Ali, TBH), could you imagine how he would react if his first love was really the body in the casket? He'd probably do something a little... dangerous, no?

    We don't know whether Mike and Mona reconciled after the midseason finale, and we admit that five years is a long time to pine after a girl, but there's always a possibility that Mona and Mike did indeed rekindle their romance. And her death would definitely make Mike extra salty -- so salty that he'd kill to avenge her death.

  • Wesley Fitzgerald

    If there's one thing we know about Ezra this season, it's that he's a damaged, broken little man. Obviously, it's the perfect time for the younger, hotter Fitz to rear his beautiful head around this season. Wesley Fitz (Gregg Sulkin) was introduced in Season 3 and hasn't been seen since, which makes him the perfect "he" suspect. Perhaps Wes is angry that Rosewood and everything it represents has destroyed his older brother? Or maybe he's just a bored rich twentysomething looking for something fun to do? Either way, we're way too into this crack theory.

  • Wren Kingston

    We still have so many questions about Wren and his shady behavior. While the summer finale ruled him out as A, it's entirely possible that he was the larger evil all along. We wouldn't be surprised if Wren and Melissa finally tied the knot in London during the five-year jump, which would technically make Wren and Spencer siblings. (Ew.) But what's his motive? He's clearly the sketchiest dude on the show! Does he really need a motive? Wren has to be evil; that's the only way we could justify his life choices.

  • Mr. DiLaurentis

    If there's one thing we know about this new villain, it's that "he" likes holding a grudge -- and he seems to be targeting his toxic masculinity towards Ali and the Liars. Now, Mr. DiLaurentis has plenty of reasons to hate the Liars. They practically blew up his entire life. He lost his perfect life and his "perfect" family. Also, we never did find out who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. Could it have been Mr. D.? Back in August, King called Mr. DiLaurentis the "true villain" of the story, so isn't it time for Mr. DiLaurentis to live up to his dubious moniker?