'Finding Carter' Season Finale: Jared Was Just Killed...By The Most Unexpected Person EVER

You're never gonna believe THIS one.

One week ago, we pretty much proclaimed that we'd just seen the most shocking episode of "Finding Carter" ever. Yeah well, we take it all back.

On tonight's jaw-dropping double installment/season finale, in the FIRST 60 SECONDS of the second hour, Jared was laying dead on the floor of Magic Hour after being bashed in the head with a liquor bottle. But who killed him? At first, Carter suspected that the perpetrator was...Carter.

"What happened?" the confused Wilson twin, who'd been injured with a head wound of her own, asked as she awoke to find Lori beside her. "Did I do something?"

Lori assured her biological daughter that there had been an "accident" -- and that she was guilty of nothing -- but with no recollection of the event, Carter didn't believe her.

"Do you think I killed him?" she later asked Crash.

The handsome army recruit gave his former girlfriend a resounding "no," but police weren't so sure. They seemed ready to blame her for the crime -- until someone else confessed.

"I killed him," Lori told police. "I was angry -- he turned in my son. And when I got there, I saw him choking my daughter."

Case closed -- Lori did it. Or did she?

"Lori's no saint, but she's not a murderer," Carter proclaimed. "There has to be more to this story."

She doubted Lori's tale even more when Crash pointed out a great big hole in it: Ms. Stevens had claimed that Jared strangled Carter, but Carter had no bruises or neck pain.

"See?" Carter gasped. "She's got to be protecting someone."

But who? And, oh hey...anyone seen Ben lately?

We sure hadn't. And just then, David walked in to announce that his newfound son had never shown up at the group home to which he'd been assigned -- so, basically, he could easily have been the one who 86'd Jared. Even worse, Carter remembered something Ben had told her: "He said I shouldn't worry about Jared because people like him always get what's coming to them."

Case closed -- Ben did it. Or did he?

The brooding teen eventually turned up and was shocked to hear of Jared's demise and Lori's arrest. Meanwhile, something hella strange was going on with Max.

"I'm worried about him," Taylor said after he'd left his apartment in a daze, saying he had to "take care of something." "He's been acting really weird since this whole thing happened, and when I showed up here, he reeked of booze."

You know -- like booze from a broken liquor bottle.

"Oh my God," Carter gulped. "I know who Lori is covering for. Max killed Jared."

Case closed -- Max did it. But brace yourselves -- this time, we're sure of it.

Moments later, the long-haired hunk visited Lori in the slammer -- and told her she couldn't take the blame for his wrongdoing.

"I'm supposed to be the one in here, not you," he said.

A flashback then explained exactly what happened: Max had followed Carter to Magic Hour, and when Jared shoved her to the ground, smashed him over the head with a bottle. Lori then arrived -- and insisted Max leave the scene of the crime so she could take the blame.

But would Max -- the sweetest, kindest, most noble man on all of "Finding Carter" -- really let her take the heat? Of course not: In the episode's very last scene, he was shown arriving at the police station to confess. As an officer led him away, Taylor began to cry -- and tbh, we shed a couple of tears too.

Excuse us while we grab a tissue. Thanks.

So tell us: Were you absolutely shocked by "FC"'s season finale? And do you think Max will be found guilty of killing Jared, or can he explain that he was just trying to save Carter? Head to the comments and tell us your thoughts!