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Kylie Jenner's Gift Guide Is Perfect For Her Life And Loved Ones And No One Else

As it has been well established by now, Kylie Jenner is not like most 18-year-olds. Between owning a house—complete with its own glam room—creating an insanely popular lip kit, and thinking six days is a long time for one hairstyle, it's easy to see that Kylie's teen years are far different than mine.

The difference is most glaring, though, thanks to the gift guides she just posted on her app. Kylie provides suggestions for friends, sisters, boyfriends, and moms, and while some make sense—headphones for your BF, sure—others certainly do not.

Behold her most perplexing suggestions.

  • Fringed booties for your sister
    Kylie Jenner App

    Sure, Kylie's sisters probably have a ton of black booties in their closets, but a high stiletto heel, let alone a high stiletto heel decked out with fringe, is a bold choice. The $995 price tag isn't helping things either—I'll be leaving these to Kylie. Enjoy 'em, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, or Kendall!!

  • Wooden dice for your mom
    Kylie Jenner App

    I don't know about Kris Jenner, but I am certain my mom has no need for five wooden dice. While the sleek black box would undoubtedly look great in Kris' house, she might be confused when she opens the box to find the contents can't even be used in a game of Candyland. Numbered dice or bust.

  • Phone sanitizer and charger for your boyfriend
    Kylie Jenner App

    Tyga may be chill, but this seems like the modern-day version of giving someone fancy soap as a present—even if unintentional, the gift insinuates questionable hygiene, which isn't exactly the vibe you want to be giving out at Christmas.

  • Underwear for your BFF
    Kylie Jenner App

    At first, I was shocked at the idea of paying $200 for some thongs. Then, I was like, wait, yes, the price is high, but that is irrelevant, because I will never, ever buy underwear as a gift for my friend!!!!

  • DILF socks for your boyfriend
    Kylie Jenner App

    While these exact socks didn't make the cut in Kylie's guide—she featured others that said F--k Off—the idea of getting socks that say DILF for your boyfriend thanks (especially if your brother designed them).