Now Even The Terminator Wants Us To Go Vegetarian

"I have seen many body-builders and lifters that are vegetarians get strong and healthy,” Schwarzenegger said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was talking about being an environmentalist during a recent interview with BBC News at the Paris climate talks when his interviewer pointed out that eating meat and dairy is a large contributor to climate change -- and asked what he'd say to "all the young men" who believe they need to eat lots of meat in order to "look like the terminator."

Schwarzenegger laughed.

"Well, luckily we know that you can get protein source from many different ways," the former Republican Governator of California said in his suspiciously still-distinctive Austrian accent. "You can get this through vegetables if you are vegetarian. I have seen many body-builders and lifters that are vegetarians get strong and healthy."

"You have addressed a very important issue," Schwarzenegger continued, "which is that 28 percent of greenhouse gasses come from eating meat and raising cattle and all of those things."

If you're getting nervous about disappointing the Terminator with all of your meat-eating ways, don't -- Schwarzenegger went on to say that even if you can't give up meat full time, every little bit counts.

"My friend James Cameron who is a famous director recommends we all stop eating meat," he said. "I think it's a good idea, but I don't think people will buy in. I think people will buy in to maybe stop eating meat a day or two a week. You have to start slowly."

The Terminator seems to be suggesting that much like body-building, (or acting or politics, for that matter) cutting back on our meat consumption might involve setting some long-term goals. "It's a very big challenge," Schwarzenegger concluded, "but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done."