Yes, You Can Now Win Free Starbucks For Life And No, We Will Not Calm Down

Stop what you're doing. Yes right now.

If you woke up thinking it was just a normal day, we're thrilled to report that it may be the best day of the rest of your caffeinated life. According to Starbucks, starting today, December 8, My Rewards Members can play to win free Starbucks FOR LIFE. That could easily save you over $1,000 a year.

Though only seven lucky contestants will win the grand prize (five in the U.S. and two in Canada), 25 people will win free Starbucks for a year, as well as 125 for a month and 500 for a week. So it's definitely worth trying. The only catch is you have to be a My Starbucks Reward Member.

If you're not already, all hope is not lost. You can totally become a member by signing up on their site by registering a Starbucks card. For every purchase on the card after that, you get a chance to play and win. If you want to ditch the card completely, you can join by downloading the Starbucks app and paying for drinks (and chances) via mobile.

The contest comes to a close on January 11, but being a part of the membership program with entitle you to earning freebies long after that. So unlike most contests, it's kind of win-win. Happy holidays to all a good night!

J/K, we're way to hopped up on gingerbread lattes to go to bed.

H/T Cosmopolitan