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Step Right Up To See Ed Sheeran’s $2 Peep Show

A two-buck, 30-second 'Thinking Out Loud' performance seems fair, right?

Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" is up for three Grammys, as we found out on Monday. While that's not even a little bit surprising, it would seem that he's since graduated from the kinds of grungy, back-room gigs he came up playing in his teens. And, of course, he has.

But he still plays a good peep show every now and again.

In a new video from Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy, Ed cozies up in a "dodgy" curtained room and waits -- and waits, and waits -- for fans to come see him. The "peep show" involves a quick, 30-second peek at Ed performing acoustically, and for only $2, it's a pretty great deal.

(By the way, peep shows aren't always dirty, as the video quickly points out.)

As exciting as the prospect of a $2 Ed Sheeran concert should be -- especially considering this is a dude about to wrap his gargantuan, 18-month-long x stadium tour that spanned five continents -- people were by and large not into it... probably because it was a "peep show" in name. Hamish, one of the organizing pranksters, even stood outside the spot and barked for two hours to get people inside, largely to no avail.

But finally, a pair of Sheerios paid their dues and got their 30 seconds. And presumably put a video of it on Snapchat, too.

After, a handful of other Ed fans trickle in, but the ones that said no are probably still kicking themselves for missing this chance to see Ed Sheeran. For the criminally low price of $2. Performing his Grammy-nominated hit song.

At a peep show.