This Video Revealing The Truth About Hymens Is Hilarious And Necessary

It's not a 'cherry' that gets 'popped,' for starters.

A new video from the folks at College Humor takes on the subject of hymens, sex and virginity... hilariously.

"People picture the hymen like it's one of those paper banners at a sports game," the video's host, Emily, explains. "They think it covers up a lady's vagina, and then when she has sex for the first time, it gets busted ... Everything about that is wrong."

That misconception can lead to some pretty terrible things for women -- all the way up to, in some parts of the world, humiliating "virginity tests" conducted by government officials that are actually just sexual assault. Thankfully, Emily is here to set the record straight about how hymens really work.

You can watch the full, very-funny, very-smart video to learn more about how hymens actually work here: