29 Moments From ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ That Make Our Season Bright

Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown: 50 years of tiny trees just needing a little love.

Good grief! It’s been 50 years since Charlie Brown first became depressed by the commercialism of Christmas... Which kind of makes us wonder what he’d think about this year’s kerfuffle over red coffee cups. On December 9, 1965, it was colorful aluminum trees and house decorating contests that sent Charlie Brown spiraling, but luckily the Peanuts gang was there to bring joy back to the holidays.

There are many moments in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” that make us smile, and a few that even make us a bit teary eyed. So on this 50th anniversary of its first airing, we’ve picked some of the moments we look forward to seeing every year. Fair warning: we have a bit of a Snoopy bias.

  1. When the first strains of “Christmas Time Is Here” signify that Christmas time is, in fact, finally here.
  2. When Linus gets real with Charlie Brown.
  3. When Snoopy shows off his Olympic skating skilz.
  4. When Snoopy demos his version of whip and nae nae.
  5. When Snoopy chows down on bones like they’re potato chips.
  6. When the gang catches frosty treats with their tongues.
  7. When Linus goes all David and Goliath with his blankie.
  8. When Lucy loses her mind over five cents.
  9. When Charlie Brown gets amped about being asked to boss around the gang.
  10. When Snoopy gets in touch with his inner Martha Stewart.
  11. When Charlie Brown does the big brother thing by writing Sally’s letter to Santa.
  12. When Snoopy adorably boos Charlie Brown.
  13. When the gang breaks it down Peanuts style.
  14. When the siblings named after numbers (4 and 5) get groovy.
  15. When Shermy blows everyone else away with his zombie walk dance.
  16. When Snoopy plays all the animals in the nativity scene including the ubiquitous penguin.
  17. When Snoopy hounds Lucy.
  18. When Snoopy’s slurpy kiss infects Lucy with dog germs.
  19. When Lucy negotiates like a boss.
  20. When Linus outsmarts the costume police.
  21. When Pig-Pen is having none of Frieda’s dirt shaming.
  22. When Sally finds out her bae is going to play her husband.
  23. When we learn Christmas trees come in a variety of rainbow colors.
  24. When Charlie Brown picks the tree that needs him. *sniff*
  25. When Snoopy gets his groove on.
  26. When Schroeder is having none of Lucy’s romantic shenanigans.
  27. When Linus drops the mic after reminding everyone the season is about peace on earth and good will to men.
  28. When “just a little love” and some ornaments miraculously make a stubby little tree grow branches and needles.
  29. When the gang starts singing and our allergies start acting up.