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This Woman’s Open Letter To Adele Is Rom-Com Worthy

This epic breakup tale proves Adele's healing powers are truly magnificent.

Somewhere in Hollywood, a movie producer is hunched over his desk, scratching his head and groaning exhaustedly because he can’t come up with any original ideas. Another “Transformers” sequel? Maybe a “Home Alone” reboot? Nah, they’ve already been done. EVERYTHING’s been done.

Well, Mr. Hotshot Producer, look no further than this: Stephanie Pope, an Adele super fan from Ireland, has shared an epic tale of heartbreak, regret and triumph on the singer’s Facebook page, and it’s practically begging to be made into a rom-com.

This story has it all: a scumbag fiance, a secret love child, drinking too much, singing too loudly, and the healing powers of Adele. In the note, pictured below, Pope describes a night back in 2011 when she went out and got so drunk she peed herself (her candidness is nothing short of admirable). She finished the night by jamming to Adele’s “Someone Like You,” which made her realize she deserved a way nicer dude than the one she was shacking up with.

Don’t worry; it has a happy ending that’ll ultimately remind you just how important Adele is. Sure, her new album, 25, is smashing sales records like the Hulk, but think of its greater impact: she’s making seven billion souls, including Pope, feel a little less alone.

In another note on her own Facebook page, Pope explained why she felt compelled to share her story with the singer, saying she’s proud of how far she’s come.

The only thing that would make this better is if Pope shared a video of her dedicating a version of “Rolling in the Deep” to her no-good ex. Might we suggest that for the movie version of this story? Make it happen, Hollywood.