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'Recovery Road' Is The Heartbreaking 'O.C.' Spin-Off We All Deserve: Exclusive

Freeform's new series centers on teens struggling with addiction, and MTV has your extended first look.

What would have happened to teen queen Marissa Cooper if Ryan Atwood hadn't found her passed out in the middle of her driveway during the pilot episode of "The O.C.?" Well, probably nothing because the Coopers weren't really known for their ace parenting skills, but new series "Recovery Road," set to premiere on Freeform (née ABC Family) next month, attempts answer that question. (It's worth noting that "O.C." star Mischa Barton has been cast in the series in an upcoming guest-starring role.)

Based on the young adult novel by Blake Nelson, the series centers on Maddie (Jessica Sula of the UK’s "Skins"), a real wild child who struggles to put her life back together after being busted for drugs and alcohol at school. Maddie is ultimately ordered to complete her junior year of high school in a sober living facility for teens struggling with addiction.

At first, Maddie rebels against Spring Meadows and all of its ~ rules ~ but she grudgingly begins to open up to her fellow housemates, who include Daniel Franzese ("Mean Girls"), Kyla Pratt ("The Pround Family"), Lindsay Pearce ("Glee") and Sula's "Skins" co-star Sebastian de Souza.

MTV News has the exclusive extended first look at the important new Freeform series. Premiering after "The Fosters" on January 25, 2016, "Recovery Road" is a heartbreaking look at how addiction tears apart family, friends and ultimately, yourself. But Maddie's road to recovery is definitely one worth watching.